Adaplant Plantation Production and Trade Joint Stock Company Sakarya, which is a pioneering in Quality Breeding Ornamental Plants in Turkey, has been operating on an area of 30 hectares with high -quality productive land.The company provides different types and sizes outdoor ornamental plants in Turkey market and also to neighbouring countries.Adaplant's plantation production center, is benefiting from its partners' existing expertise and equipment support at the international level.The accumulation provided through this support provide use of contract to other manufacturers and farmers.With the technology that we use in growing Outdoor Ornamental Plants, our company has the power to enforce an uncompromising mission to offer high quality plants to market. Utilizing technology, beside plant accumulation and equipments, fertilizer and and disease control methods increases the resistance of our plants and provides more quickly adaptation in the last planting. Our plants can respond high quality expectations to international professionals, landscape architects, growers and Local Government and Public organizations. Adapazarı Plantation Production and Trade Joint-Stock Company is producing different species and varieties of plant materials and beside this it is particularly specialized on outdoor-leaved tree species and has a large production capacity.